Political Cortadito: Activist tell off Carlos Gimenez on COVID19 fail

Political Cortadito:

Miami-Dade activist tells Ron DeSantis, Carlos Gimenez off on COVID19 fail

Where were you when Miami immigration activist Thomas Kennedy told Florida Gov. Ron “DeSastre” DeSantis and Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez off for bungling the response to the COVID19 health and economic crisis? That’s what future generations will ask each other every summer as they take a week to honor our COVID19 dead.
Kennedy did Monday what every single one of us has wanted to do for weeks and that is interrupt another boring, backwards, bullshit COVID19 press briefing and speak truth to power — while capturing the whole thing on his cellphone.
“Shame on you! You are an embarrassment,” Kennedy yells as DeSantis tries in vain to ignore him. “We are getting record-breaking cases every day and you are doing nothing you are falsifying information and you are misleading the public.
“Over 4,000 people have died and you are blaming the protesters. you guys have no plan and you are doing nothing,” Kennedy says in the video, which will live forever on the internet and haunt the governor and Gimenez, who is running for Congress, for the rest of their days.
The death tally in Florida was more than 4,400 on Monday as the state department of health recorded another 9,261 positive cases in the state. At least we’re under 10,000 again. According to the COVID19 dashboard, 2,104 of those new cases Monday were in Miami-Dade, where there have been 1,175 deaths.
“Shame on both of you. You guys are misleading the public. You have no plan. Four thousand people have died and we’re getting record cases every day. Every day! Shame on you,” he says again before some guy tries to block his recording and tells him to leave.
Be still my beating heart!
“Don’t touch me. Social distancing,” Kennedy says, continuing to record and yelling “You should resign, Ron DeSantis! Resign,” as he leaves.
Shortly after, Kennedy, 29, was the toast of the town.
“Yes!!! I only wish I could’ve been there to scream, cheer and applaud because this is FINALLY what has needed to be said,” tweeted @MollyImage.”Thank you for telling @GovRonDeSantis what so many of us have been yelling into our screens every time he gives a self agfrandizing press conference. Well done,” tweeted Nick, @ndp715 (Happy birthday, Nick).
“You are officially my new hero. Thank you for doing and sharing this. DeSantis is a disgrace who is murdering his constituents to appease a corrupt, sociopathic, illegitimate president, replied Andrew Wortman (@AmoneyResists).
“The look on Desantis’ pig-face was priceless when the protester hit him with the truth,” Jerry Henderson commented on a YouTube video of both DeSantis talking and Kennedy yelling.
“The first time we’ve heard any facts at one of these press conferences,” tweeted @Billy Corben.
So true.
People saw themselves in Kennedy, who works with the United We Dream organization and used to work on the Bernie Sanders campaign (of course he does!). We wished we had that moment and just assumed (its easier) that we would do the same thing. Most of us wouldn’t. But it’s fun to pretend.
Even if Kennedy is a Dem operative who had no business at press briefing except to disrupt it, his actions are heroic. Certainly more than De Satan’s, who is doing and saying things for political expediency and not for the public good. Ladra hopes it starts a trend. Every press briefing should be interrupted with some truth and outrage.
Kennedy spent most of the day Tuesday doing interviews with the media. Not just local, but CNN, the Washington Post, even Newsweek called. “I did so many, I don’t remember,” he told Ladra.
One local reporter for Univision 23 got it wrong, however. He said Kennedy yelled obscenities, which he clearly does not. That is polite yelling. The other fake news bit was that he demanded a complete closure.
“That’s not what I said. I said we should be following the guidance of professionals and politicians should legislate and provide the resources for what we need to get through this,” Kennedy said.
“It is shameful and unacceptable that four months later, we are in the situation we are in when other states are doing better and have moved forward.”
Shameful is an understatement.

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