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Gimenez & Sons Racket...

RICO: Evidence:

Miami Herald:

Beckham partner has a friend in Miami-Dade’s mayor and a lobbyist in the mayor’s son

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While his son works as a city lobbyist for the Miami Freedom Park project, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez played golf with one of the venture’s partners, offered to fly to Japan to meet with another and volunteered to pitch a third on establishing a Miami headquarters.

Miami Herald exposes ethics of Gimenez and his lobbyist sons...

Miami Herald: The ethics of Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez and his lobbyist sons stink.

Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s lobbyist sons have a right to make a living as they see fit. But they shouldn’t be able to get away with constantly making a buck off representing clients with county business before their father.

It’s a blatant conflict of interest — and nepotism in plain sight. 

The Miami-Dade County Commission on Ethics and Public Trust is chock-full of inquiries and complaints about Gimenez and his sons dating back to when he was first elected mayor in 2011. But nothing ever comes of them.

The sons, one a registered lobbyist with the county, keep popping up as employees of contractors or representatives of entities seeking to do business with county government.
Why can’t the mayor’s sons wait at least until daddy is out of office to compete for their piece of the county till? Is the world not large enough for them to find clients and business elsewhere?

County government isn’t a mom-and-pop store where everyone gets a cut of the family business. But it sure seems that way with the Gimenez brothers, who are lobbyists for the soccer stadium and related projects, a small steel mill proposal in Homestead, and a rehabilitation complex — all begging to be built on government-owned properties.

In the latest episode of the profiting-from-the-county saga, son Julio Gimenez, a construction executive formerly employed by big county contractor Munilla Construction Management, is part of a team trying to secure county land to build a rehabilitation facility for young criminal offenders through the non-profit Neighbors and Neighbors Association.

The project, modeled after San Francisco’s Delancey Street, is described as a commercial complex and dormitory for people under 27 who might live and work there as an alternative to serving time in Miami-Dade jails or after release.

Julio Gimenez tried to minimize his role, telling Miami Herald county reporter Douglas Hanks that he’s volunteering his time for a good cause.

“I offered my assistance,” he said.

If this weren’t a project entangled in politics, the non-profit, which has other county contracts, wouldn’t need help from the mayor’s son. In an ethical world, a good project gets a fair hearing — no matter who has the connections or not. But this is an attempt at a public land-grab deal by a person who makes a living in construction and stands to possibly benefit from the venture as it goes forward. And this person is the mayor’s son.

Special thanks to our friends in the County for the insight!

Keep watch! More to come!

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Post on the Gimenez's STEEL (Steal) MILL:

They Want to Build a STEEL MILL in Hudstead With Miami Dade Mayor Gimenez's Blessings as He Had to Recuse Himself.

By Geniusofdespair

Miami Dade County's most notorious city for UP-TO-NO-GOOD, Homestead, is being slated for...wait for it...an eco-friendly steel mill. Julio Gimenez, the County Mayor's son, is helping pitch this insane area and other family members have been lobbying for it. The Trump-like family ties on this project forced Gimenez to recuse himself. They, the County and the Steel people, want to put this Steel Mill on County land (our land) by the military airport in Homestead: or as most of us in the know call it Hudstead.

The company, Ecosteel wants 124 acres for this eco-steel plant (Oxymoron to the max).

Okay how crazy does this sound? I am astounded by this idea that apparently as been around for awhile, kept under tight wraps from the public. The owner said if he doesn't get the land here he will go to another State and build his plant. I say, don't threaten us Mr. Steel guy. By all means, go to another State. And while you're at it take all the Gimenez children that are involved with this really crazy idea of spewing heavy metals into our cleanish air and falling into Biscayne Bay.

They do aim to be environmentally friendly, but from what I read they are not there yet:

Climate-damaging smelting gases, such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methane, are produced in many parts of a steel mill. After steel production, these gases are burned in power plants to generate electricity. But the catch is that this process also generates CO2 emissions. Moreover, when excess wind and solar power are produced, it is not possible to sell the resulting electricity to the grid. The approach being pursued by the Carbon2Chem project partners is therefore not to incinerate the smelting gases, but to convert them into in reusable materials for the chemical industry.

Florida has to decide what it is. does it want to be the rust belt? Does it want to be a tourist destination? Does it want to have oil rigs off their coast? Does it want to keep the agriculture the sub-tropical Homestead area is known for? Get a grip people, start telling the County what you want because if you don't, something will get shoved down your throat and I guarantee it won't be what you want: A designer $240 Million, Steel Mill on your TAXPAYER OWNED LAND producing 1,000 tons of steel a day, for instance.

The Miami Herald reported on this on Sunday:

"A lot of companies try to say they're green, that they're environmentally friendly," said Elizabeth Bonnell, chair of the Miami chapter of the Sierra Club. "Later on, people are left to have to clean up after the mistakes of the company. We're pretty concerned."

In other Hudstead news, the former Mayor, Steve Bateman is being sentenced today for being found guilty for Corruption. 

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