Transit Alliance calls out Government leaders -- LowT Gimenez's failed traffic solutions...

South Florida Business Journal:

Revamping public transport: A conversation with Transit Alliance Miami's Azhar Chougle

FYI on Transit (Bus):
  • Alice Bravo is a victim because she can't be that stupid...  
  • She says there are 42 new metro busses but only less then halfare actually in service and only less than that are actually running...
  • Gimenez Puppet Alice Bravo uses service issues as the cover but if the vehicles are new why do they need so much service...

Transit Alliance Miami may only be a few years old, but it has joined the city's transportation advocacy scene with a bang. 

The alliance is the organization behind the Better Bus Project, a two-year, community-driven initiative to rebuild and redesign Miami-Dade County's public bus routes. So far, the project has been endorsed by County Mayor Carlos Gimenez, who agreed to set aside $250,000 in county funds for the initiative. Azhar Chougle, director of Transit Alliance Miami, said the nonprofit managed to match that amount via fundraising in two months. 

South Florida regularly makes the list of U.S. metros with the worst traffic congestion. In Miami-Dade, scattered public transportation options mean commuters essentially have two choices: battle the traffic, or spend hours each day navigating an unreliable transit system.

Chougle spoke to the South Florida Business Journal about the challenges facing Miami's public transit system, and how private business and advocacy groups can work together to reduce the region's reliance on cars. 

What's the biggest problem facing Miami's public transit system? Government leaders have allowed for the creation of an extremely fragmented transportation system. A transit rider today needs to navigate something like 25 different modes of transport when you take into account county services like Metrorail and Metrobus, and all of the separate municipal bus and trolley services. If you're making a connection between a municipal trolley and a county bus, you can almost guarantee their schedules aren't going to align. Riding public transit now means putting aside at least two hours for a journey that should take half that time or less.

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