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Miami Herald:

Watch your step in Miami. There might be a severed cow’s tongue on your running path

  • "The sliced tongue Galvin found on the hill was offered by someone who wanted to silence an enemy or gossip monger, said Mercedes Sandoval, an anthropologist, Santeria scholar and professor emeritus at Miami Dade College."

Runners and walkers huffing and puffing up the Tropical Park hill stopped and gagged when they reached the peak. Sure, it’s a steep climb by Miami’s terrain standards, but what really made them breathless was the severed cow’s tongue lying on the path.

“Anybody could have tripped on that tongue,” said Caroline Galvin, who has been running and walking in the park for 40 years.

In other cities, joggers avert dog poop. But only in Miami must they step around animal carcass offerings from Santeria worshipers.

Galvin encountered the tongue, which was sliced in half, last week. Dead chickens, roosters, pigeons, goats, pigs – and anatomical parts thereof – have been found atop the hill that is popular with people who like to exercise in Tropical Park, high school runners who compete in meets at the park, kite-fliers and picnickers.

“I found a bag with a rooster’s feet sticking out of it and plastic containers full of blood. My neighbors found a tongue nailed to a tree,” Galvin said. “It’s disturbing to see these things in broad daylight. How do I explain it to my grandchildren? I am respectful of any religion but not when you are performing your rituals in a public place.”

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