LowT Gimenez doesn't care about our safety either...

Miami Herald:

Protesters take to downtown Miami streets, demand that they be made safer

Protesters greeted the 500 politicians, transportation experts, urban planners, civil engineers and public transit officials attending the Safe Streets Summit with pleas for what the annual conference has been promising for six years: safer streets.
The demonstration was staged Monday at a busy downtown Miami crosswalk on Biscayne Boulevard outside the Intercontinental Hotel, where summit participants gathered to listen to panels on “Daring to Walk,” “Building Ridership,” “We Planned This City on Walk and Roll,” “Making Political Champions for Complete Streets” and “Beyond Traffic: The Emergence of a Connected City.”
Yet the location for the day-long discussion of better mobility options in traffic-choked cities was at an intersection with one of the most dangerous roads in Miami and in a metropolis that is consistently listed at or near the bottom in national rankings of pedestrian and cyclist safety, smart street design and adequate mass transit. 
“Biscayne Boulevard is the poster child for killer streets that are built too wide and too fast,” said Hank Sanchez-Resnik, who was holding signs that said, “Crossing the Street: Miami’s Extreme Sport” and “All Lanes for Cars? Let’s Get Transit Moving Faster” as cars sped north on four lanes. “Our elected officials say they care about making Miami more livable, but that is the big H for hypocrisy. All these people trooping by are transportation professionals who are paid to go to this conference, where it’s all talk and no action. We are the people risking our lives on our streets and we want change, not more studies.”
Protesters Simon Rose and Lucy Binhack are avid cyclists who said Miamians are desperate to get out of their cars but see no evidence of a protected network for walking and biking.
“I felt safer cycling in Manhattan than in Coconut Grove,” Binhack said. “Other cities have proven it can be done, and it doesn’t take forever to turn all this unhealthy car-commuting space into livable space.”

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