#TBT Does Gimenez and family have blood on their hands??

Miami Herald:

In Miami, MCM thrives on big county contracts. Now it faces the FIU bridge catastrophe


Florida still hasn’t resolved the disputed contract. Miami-Dade County’s siding with MCM continued a long string of victories from elected officials for the family-owned South Miami company — a legacy now facing its harshest test ever as the construction firm was behind the Florida International University pedestrian bridge that collapsed March 15 and killed six people.

The catastrophe threw a spotlight not just on MCM’s large projects, but on its ties to Miami’s political circles as well.

In past years, the company has hired both of Gimenez’s sons — Julio as a construction executive and C.J. as a registered lobbyist. The Munillas and the Gimenezes have family ties — the mayor’s wife, Lourdes, is a cousin to the Munilla brothers, and C.J. Gimenez has offered the firm pro bono communications advice after the bridge collapse, according to someone who has spoken to him.
In a statement, C.J. Gimenez said Sunday: “I have no official role with the company.” Asked the same question an hour later, MCM responded with a similar answer: “C.J. Gimenez has no official role with MCM.”
In an interview Sunday, Mayor Gimenez declined to directly confirm his son’s ongoing role in MCM’s response, but said he assumed the company reached out to C.J. Gimenez for advice.
“The Munilla brothers have known my son since he was born. They call him and ask him for advice,” Gimenez said from China, where he is leading a county trade mission.
“My son is a 40-year-old attorney. I don’t really know what he is doing for MCM,” Gimenez said. “They are calling him, and asking him for advice. He’s given them free advice.”
MCM said C.J. Gimenez only worked for the company as a lobbyist for a short time in 2015. Julio Gimenez left MCM about a year after his father became mayor in 2011, and Mayor Gimenez recused himself from MCM-related contracts during Julio’s employment there.
He [Gimenez] said he has spoken twice on the phone from China with Pedro Munilla, an MCM partner and the company’s primary representative on county matters, about the bridge collapse. “We treat MCM like any other company,” he said. “They win some contracts. They lose some contracts.”

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