Welcome to the FIGHT!

On behalf of all of us,

Welcome to the FIGHT

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The Keep Government Accountable Coalition will hold the Miami-Dade County Commission accountable for wise stewardship of taxpayer dollars.

August 2, 2017
Contact: Lori Hutto
Phone: (850) 222-8156

Miami, Fla. — Today, a new citizens watchdog group was formed to monitor the activities of the Miami-Dade County Commission. The organization, Keep Government Accountable Coalition, will report any actions that may be detrimental to Miami-Dade taxpayers. 

The group's formation is a response to a history of irresponsibility in Miami-Dade government that has produced years of skyrocketing property taxes and insurance rates and millions of wasted tax dollars. It also intends to serve as a check on increasing toll rates and plans to exert pressure on the Commission to address continued traffic congestion and a lack of needed infrastructure improvements. The group's founders say it is imperative that local elected officials be held to a higher standard going forward in order to protect and promote a higher quality of life in Miami-Dade County.  

“Elected officials should be faithful stewards of taxpayers’ hard-earned money, and we will not settle for anything less than that,” said Frank De Varona, Chairman of Keep Government Accountable. “Miami-Dade taxpayers can count on us to watch the County Commission like a hawk, and we will be quick to draw attention to any move that squanders public resources.” 

Keep Government Accountable Coalition was formed as a 501(c)(4) organization
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