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Political Cortadito:

"Winners and losers 

in special election for Senate 40 and House 116"

 As always, it is not only the candidates with the most votes who win on Election night.
While there were hopefuls who came out on top — or not — in the primaries for House District 116 and Senate District 30 Tuesday, there are others who didn’t necessarily share the ballot but share in the victory, or defeat.
So without further ado, here are the other winners and losers in Tuesday’s special election.


Carlos Gimenez and fam — Our county mayor pulled his support from Pepi Diaz after the news of his daughter-in-law broke — though Ladra strongly suspects it was Dean DLP who brilliantly leaked the story out himself. Furthermore, his lobbyist tarrudo son and his other rachetera daughter-in-law both campaigned for DLP during early voting (that’s CJ Gimenez standing next to DLP, holding his sign). 

Que pena. I know. Pobre Lourdes. But, more seriously, could our needy county pay the consequences from our next senator if Diaz is elected? Gimenez should have stayed out of it. 

Tania Cruz — This social climber’s name was sullied by the salacious news that she had been holed up with Dean DLP in a Boston hotel room in 2012 and they were arrested when, in typical drunken belligerent fashion for both of them, they refused to stop chain smoking in a non-smoking room. Now, she can’t upgrade from the son of a county mayor to a state senator. At least she got paid $2,000, according to his very curious campaign finance report, for her, ahem, legal services.

Looks like loosing and being a sore loser runs in the family...

And we’ll see you back here for another episode of winners and losers on Sept. 27 (the general is Sept. 26).

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