Mayor Gimenez backpedals -- Miami #Zika Cases now at 360; costing us taxpayers $30 Million.

Remember when Gimenez declared Miami free of Zika

But now... 

“We’re going to do everything in our power not to have a Zika zone. But a lot of that is out of our control.”

As it ramps up for another Zika war this summer, Miami-Dade plans to hire a full-time entomologist to help direct the fight against the mosquito-borne virus that has helped push tourism spending into its worst decline since the Great Recession.
The hiring of an insect scientist reflects the increasingly pricey effort by Miami-Dade to prevent Zika outbreaks once the rainy days of summer arrive. Miami-Dade’s latest estimate of the Zika plan is nearly $30 million since Zika-infested mosquitoes were discovered in the county last summer, with Florida reimbursing about $19 million of that.
“We’ve kicked up our efforts a lot,” Mayor Carlos Gimenez said. “We’re going to do everything in our power not to have a Zika zone. But a lot of that is out of our control.”

An Gimenez spokesman said the county has spent about $25 million on Zika so far, with the $29.7 million figure covering some future expenses that Miami-Dade will ask Florida to cover.

Miami-Dade’s hotel tax revenue has been dropping since last fall, ending a streak of growth largely unbroken since the recession brought on by the 2008 global financial crisis. “It’s a financial hit for Miami-Dade,” Gimenez said of Zika. “We’re going to continue to be aggressive.”

Fox News: Health:

"Zika fight: Bacteria-laden mosquitoes unleashed in Florida to combat virus"

Fighting fire with fire, may just get us all burned...

MONROE COUNTY, Fla. –  The Florida Keys are flying in 40,000 mosquitos a week, to take their own buzzing vacations, of sorts.

“There’s 1,000 male aedis agypti mosquitos in this tube,” says Catherine Pruszynski, field officer for the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District.

Pruszynski is packing 20 of these tubes in her bag, all full of male mosquitos.
Twice a week, she walks a 10-acre test site on Stock Island (right next door to Key West)—part industrial, part residential—putting her mouth up to one end of the tube and then blowing the thousand mosquitos out into the air, to mix and mingle with the native mosquito population.


Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott, and the state surgeon general, Dr. Celeste Philip, have already begun ramping up preparations for this summer, when the wet and humid season gets underway.  And no one wants another summer of Zika.
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