#OMG: I'm shocked, SHOCKED to find bribery still happens...

Miami Herald:

"Bribery attempts in Miami Beach drop, but they still happen, ethics survey shows"

Just a quick note,

The survey simply asks the participants whether or not they know about bribery attempts,

I wonder how many attempts go unreported?

Remember yesterday's post:

#TBT: A look back at Ralph Garcia-Toledo's $18M #boondoggle at #water&sewer...

It gets me thinking, 
was his $52 Thousand dollar "contribution" a BRIBE?

Just a penny for your thoughts...


Twenty-two percent of Miami Beach public employees surveyed by Miami-Dade government ethics officials say they’ve been offered a bribe at some point in their career — highlighting a pitfall of working in a sexy, high-rolling atmosphere where a great deal of money flows through the city.

For a city that has battled corruption within its ranks, the number marks a welcome decrease from results of the same survey taken four years ago, when Miami Beach was grappling with the aftermath of serious corruption scandals. In 2012, seven fire inspectors and code compliance officers were caught taking bribes from an Ocean Drive nightclubLater that year, a former procurement director was charged with rigging public bidsBack then, 27 percent of employees reported having been offered a bribe, and just 33 percent felt there were appropriate protections for whistleblowers.

Now, after the institution of reforms that include ethics training for employees, most of the survey results suggest the culture of ethics in City Hall has improved, morale has improved and the likelihood that public employees will report corruption is much higher.

Still, some of the results indicate that while the incidence of attempted bribery has slowed down, it has not been eliminated.

“We still have some ways to go, absolutely,” said Jimmy Morales, the Beach’s city manager. “But we’ve made a lot of progress.”

The survey, administered in December, spanned 218 employees in departments most likely to be targets of bribery attempts — procurement, code compliance, building, parking, fire prevention, finance and planning. Of those, 100 were with the city before 2014 and took the previous survey. Thirty of these employees reported having been offered a bribe at some point in their careers. The survey didn’t ask when the offers happened, so they could have been included in the 2014 survey, as well.

In December’s survey, 17 people hired after the last survey said they had been offered a bribe.

The survey did not ask respondents whether they took bribes or whether they had reported bribery offers to their supervisor or law enforcement.

A summary of the results, released by the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust on Wednesday, said the numbers suggest that the “incidence of bribery may be declining” because of increased awareness of ethics rules and, perhaps, because potential bribers may think Beach employees are less receptive.

It’s not enough to say ‘If I keep my nose clean, I’m OK’ 
-Ethics commission director Joe Centorino, on the need to encourage public employees to report attempted bribery

The department with the highest percentage of employees stating they had been offered bribes was fire prevention (36 percent), followed by parking (35 percent) and then code compliance (30 percent).

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