#ALERT: #Gimenez #Beckham #bromance break up? Haven’t talked for months...

"Haven’t heard from Beckham’s team for months"

If Beckham is not willing to score a SCORE, then perhaps it's time to put that [taxpayer owned land] to actual use!

A use like Affordable Housing which commissioners 
are willing to stand behind.

  • Gimenez
    • Does Gimenez's inaction may show favoritism over a Beckham payday instead of using the land for Affordable Housing for the community?
  • Commissioner Xavier Suarez
    • Is ready to use the taxpayer owned land for Affordable Housing.
  • Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava
    • Ready to pursue a "more aggressive" stance on Beckham deal after many insufficient efforts to address it...
  • Commissioner Audrey Edmonson
    • Is in undecided... She favors both "the sound of affordable housing" ... & ... the "sound of bringing jobs to that area"

    Miami-Dade Commissioner Xavier Suarez suggests that county land slated for a David Beckham soccer stadium be used to provide affordable housing instead. Miami-Dade County


    As soccer fans continue to wait for David Beckham to announce a stadium deal, one Miami-Dade commissioner floated the idea Monday of using the county’s portion of the arena site for affordable housing instead.

    “How long are we going to negotiate for the use of that [county-owned land] before we decide that maybe that ought to be made available for some affordable housing?” Commissioner Xavier Suarez asked Monday during a meeting of the county’s Housing and Social Services committee. “Are we going to wait for these folks forever before we use that property for something more?”

    Are they bringing a stadium there? I haven’t heard anything. -Miami-Dade Commissioner Audrey Edmonson


    While Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez says he’s ready to negotiate the sale of a three-acre vehicle depot for the stadium complex there, county officials say they haven’t heard from Beckham’s team for months.

    “Are they bringing a stadium there?” asked Commissioner Audrey Edmonson, whose district includes the proposed stadium site. “I haven’t heard anything.”


    Are we going to wait for these folks forever before we use that property for something more?-Miami-Dade Commissioner Xavier Suarez

    Miami Beckham United, the placeholder name of the soccer star’s franchise, paid nearly $19 million for six acres of private land in Overtown in March 2016, after its bids to secure stadium sites at PortMiami, Miami’s Museum Park and across from Marlins Park in Little Havana failed. The private land would make up the bulk of the stadium site, with Miami-Dade’s parcel filling in the rest.

    And while the political push was well under way by the time the private deal closed — team representatives held a town hall in Overtown about the stadium’s economic benefits a few months earlier — the Beckham organization hasn’t found the investor dollars needed to build a facility expected to cost more than $200 million to develop.

    “We’re making progress toward our goal of fielding a team in 2019,” the Feb. 28 statement read, “and we appreciate the strong support of our fans as our kick-off draws closer.”
    A Beckham spokesman declined to address Suarez’s comments Monday about affordable housing. The remarks came during a broader discussion about Miami’s widening housing gap and the need to contribute county-owned land to projects catering to middle-income buyers.

    “All of us here are well aware of the problem,” Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava said at the meeting. “There have been many efforts to try and address it. But they are totally insufficient … We have to be more aggressive.”

    The county-owned land at 678 NW Seventh St. that Beckham wants currently houses low-slung buildings run by the Water and Sewer Department, which uses it mainly for vehicle storage. It sits next to the Tuscan Place towers, a 199-unit apartment tower that caters to low-income residents.

    Edmonson, the Overtown commissioner, said she wasn’t ready to advocate for a future use of the planned stadium site, which Beckham’s team has pitched as an economic boon for the neighborhood. “I like the sound of affordable housing,” she said. “However, I also like the sound of bringing jobs to that area.”

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