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"Miami-Dade commissioners ignore public, facts on detainers"

The saddest part about Friday’s Miami-Dade Commission meeting wasn’t that commissioners ignored the fearful cries and pleas of more than 100 people who urged them to reject Mayor Carlos Gimenez‘s directive to hold illegal immigrants arrested in Miami-Dade for an additional 48 hours so they can be picked up by federal authorities.

It was pretty sad as speaker after speaker got emotional when they told their own similar story about coming here as a child or of parents or siblings who came here as children fearing persecution by the government or criminals elsewhere. It was a real tear-jerker when they heard from children whose parents have been deported and who can speak about having families ripped apart, even though Chairman Esteban Bovo systematically cut them off when they reached the one minute mark and barked aggressively at them.

But no. What’s even sadder was seeing how stupid some of our commissioners are.

Ladra is not using that word loosely. I know it’s charged. I hate the word. I’ve always told my daughter there are no stupid people, only stupid acts.

But then I saw the commission meeting Friday and there is no other word that would better describe them. Clueless is not strong enough. Dumb is too innocent. 

They’re happily, blatantly stupid. Either that, or they’re complicit with Gimenez for other reasons and simply don’t care about the consequences of their punitive actions. Because why else would they ignore the facts?

Let’s go one by one more slowly on the facts they chose to ignore and show why their rationalizations are silly, shall we?


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