#Alert: #ACLU: Miami-Dade mayor “duped” by President Trump on immigration detentions

Miami Herald: "ACLU: Miami-Dade mayor “duped” by President Trump on immigration detentions"


Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez misread the law and the risk of losing federal aid when he tried to appease President Donald Trump by ordering local jails to detain inmates sought by immigration agents, a coalition of liberal advocacy groups wrote in a letter to county commissioners on Monday.

“The County should not give in to President Trump’s bluster,” read the 10-page letter signed by local leaders of the American Civil Liberties Union, Service Employees International Union, Southern Poverty Law Center and other groups. “Although Mayor Gimenez and others may have been misled to believe otherwise, Miami-Dade does not risk the loss of any federal funding…”

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Miami Herald: "In 2013, Miami-Dade knocked ‘blanket’ cooperation with immigration authorities. Will the defiance return?"


When Miami-Dade commissioners voted unanimously three years ago to stop honoring most detention requests from federal immigration authorities, Sally Heyman hailed it as a milestone for justice.

“Every once in a while, we are in a position to not only make social change, or make a difference, but help create a difference of such significance it literally equalizes what otherwise would be a great social injustice,” Heyman said at a Dec. 18, 2013, press conference hailing the legislation passed a day earlier that she had sponsored. “Not only is it about saving money. It’s about saving people.”

Heyman’s lofty statements contrast with the more practical arguments she has made in recent days defending Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s order to reverse the 2013 policy and begin honoring 48-hour detention requests for people already in a county jail on a local charge. Gimenez made his Jan. 26 order the day after President Donald Trump demanded cuts in millions of dollars in federal funds for “sanctuary” communities — cities and counties that defy detention requests.
“What the mayor did was make a financial decision,” Heyman said last week.

"Every once in a while, we are in a position to not only make social change, or make a difference, but help create a difference of such significance it literally equalizes what otherwise would be a a great social injustice." 
-Miami-Dade Commissioner Sally Heyman

Heyman and other commissioners seem likely to get the chance to decide again whether to resume past defiance of Washington’s wishes when it comes to holding suspected immigration violators. On Thursday, commission chairman Esteban “Steve” Bovo called for a rare special meeting for Feb. 17 to address Gimenez’s order, which has raised legal questions about his authority to alter adopted board policy.

The debate already touches on the original intent of the 2013 policy, which tied granting “detainer” requests to Washington reimbursing Miami-Dade for additional jail costs. As a rule, Washington refused, so the 2013 change meant Miami-Dade regularly declined the requests. One argument underway now is whether the 2013 change edged Miami-Dade into the “sanctuary” movement or was merely a way to save detention dollars at a time when a budget crisis had the county considering the closure of libraries, fire stations and a highly regarded boot camp for youthful offenders.

Both Heyman and Gimenez have been fighting Miami-Dade being declared a “sanctuary” jurisdiction since the Obama administration gave the county that label in a 2016 report. They cast the mayor’s recent order as a continuation of that process, which was aimed at protecting the more than $300 million in federal aid the county is set to receive this year.

Heyman said her 2013 comments were more aimed at what she described as much lengthier detentions in local jails once a federal detainer was issued. ‘These people,” she said of the suspected violators, “were literally forgotten.”

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Miami Herald: "Under Trump crackdown, 1,000-plus ‘sanctuary’ inmates could be detained in Miami-Dade"


After declining them for three years, Miami-Dade now is on track to honor more than 1,000 detention requests from immigration authorities seeking custody of local inmates, Mayor Carlos Gimenez said Sunday.

Gimenez’s estimate was based on the 27 two-day detention requests Miami-Dade has processed since his Jan. 26 order directing county jails to honor them on the heels of President Donald Trump demanding a crackdown on “sanctuary” communities not cooperating with immigration authorities.

When Gimenez announced the controversial order, his administration downplayed the effects by pointing to the fewer than 200 requests immigration officers sent Miami-Dade in 2016. On Sunday, Gimenez conceded the first wave of requests after he reversed a 2013 County Commission policy against them suggests 2017 will see far more “detainers” processed.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article130911314.html#storylink=cpy
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