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On American Independence Day July 4th, 2016 #MiamiPapers opened it’s “doors” with the first post, “Freedom of Information Act” -- the 50th Anniversary of the FOIA, the mission:
Miami Secret Papers — an "open & safe space" to all current & former county employees & their families who have information & documents that shine a spotlight on the working conditions at Miami-Dade County for the community and public.   
Note, if you are a current county employee you may qualify for Whistleblower protection: The Miami-Dace County Ethics Commission is a great reference --  Who is a Whistleblower?  
Comment freely at this site…
We the People use FOIA to view Government documents and expose corruption, mismanagement and government abuse at all levels -- federal, state and local.

Miami' Secret Papers welcomed all information and public documents that helped expose to the community what is really happening with our County government.

2016 in Review: Page Viewership

With your help, #MiamiPapers took off -- first month, over 2,000 visitors; then 2,600 visitors; 3,200 visitors.  Now, viewers and subscriber rate have skyrocketed ... 

Over 15 THOUSAND Pageviews:

Most Popular Posts:

What's in store for 2017:

Inbox is full of info from committed and focused community folks doing great investigative reporting. So far the key issues being raised in Miami-Dade county are from:

  • Transit and Public Works (can't begin to tell how many)
  • PortMiami (BIG scandal coming)
  • County Budget (taxpayer won't believe what's coming)
  • Water & Sewer (always a source favorite)

THANK YOU to our sources, viewers, supporters, and subscribers. Special THANK YOU for the documents allowing #MiamiPapers to expose scandals at OUR County government. 

So much more to expose in 2017.  Don't miss it ...

Miami Secret Papers

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