Political Cortadito exposes Gimenez-Era of Corruption at Water/Sewer & we're forced to pay more & more ...

Carlos Gimenez daughter-in-law 

could need a new job ...

Barby Gimenez Shows up to no-show Job on County Dime

So, now that people — both investigators and reporters — are looking into her job with Miami-Dade Water and Sewer and making public records requests, Barby Rodriguez Gimenez showed up to work Tuesday.

Mayor Carlos Gimenez‘s daughter-in-law was paraded up and down the Coral Gables offices of Aecom, 135 San Lorenzo Ave., by Esther Monzon, president and owner of EV Services, one of 15 subcontractors on Aecom’s $91 million 2014 contract for water and sewer improvements mandated by the federal and state governments.

Barby is one of four public information officers at the company and was hired about a year after the contract was awarded in May, 2014. Before that, she worked as director of client relations (though that title could be a bit inflated) at Genovese, Joblove & Batista, which, by the way, lobbied on behalf of Aecom for the contract.

She does “public outreach” for the water and sewer department as part of the same $139-million contract with CH2M Hill that pays the mayor’s BFF and campaign finance chair, Ralph Garcia Toledo, $200 an hour for clerical work. She got the job with subcontractor EV Services around the same time the company got the contract. You know, like it was criteria or something.
So… if Garcia Toledo’s total payout could equal $18 million over 12 years, what is the total payout for the mayor’s daughter-in-law?

Sources have told Ladra that this family botella is being investigated by the authorities. So is Garcia Toledo’s fraudulent use of what are called multipliers to pad invoices when he has no office (it’s a P.O. Box) or staff. We don’t know if that means the State Attorney’s Office or the Commission on Ethics and Public Trust. But it makes sense that it would be looked into. At least if the authorities are doing their job.

Because this rampant cronyism is one of the reasons why a majority voters rejected Carlos Gimenez Tuesday. And the more they learn about him and his friends and family plan — the more relatives and buddies we find feeding on the public trough — the more likely Gimenez will be rejected again in November.

So, yes, Barby, you might want to polish off that resumé and make some calls.

Read: http://www.politicalcortadito.com/2016/08/31/carlos-gimenez-daughter-in-law-job/
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