Updated: Whistleblowers Protected from Gimenez for exposing aid/driver's $200 per hour boondoggle at Water & Sewer ...

You've asked -- "are we protected from retaliation by Gimenez administration, if we speak up in the Water & Sewer scandal or on the smoke & mirrors in the Proposed County Budget?" 


In fact, you may entitled to a reward (percentage of monies recovered) if you provide any information to the authorities that prove what The Miami Herald investigated and exposed is illegal  -- "Through April, G­T Construction has billed $672,000 for work that began in late 2014. Roughly $430,000 of that was billed as overhead — the added cost Miami­-Dade lets contractors tack onto bills for employees’ work to cover both operating expenses and profit". 

Be assured, if you are a current county employee you certainly qualify for Whistleblower protection. 

The Miami-Dace County Ethics Commission is a great resource and provides helpful information -- Whistleblower (click for details):

Miami Secret Papers — is an "open & safe space" to all current & former county employees & their families who have information & documents that shine a spotlight on the working conditions at Miami-Dade County for the community and public.  

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