Truth-in-Negotiation Certification of Wage Rates:Smoking-Gun on Rafael A. Garcia-Toledo, Mayor Gimenez' campaign aid/driver $200 per hour from Miami-Dade Department of Water & Sewer

Miami Papers now has the smoking-gun -- documentation revealing how Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez campaign aid/driver has been milking residents who pay for higher and higher water to Miami-Dade Water & Sewer --

Truth-in-Negotiation Certification of Wage Rates Letter signed by Rafael Garcia-Toledo September 8, 2014:
  • ONLY one employee -- Rafael Garcia-Toledo;
  • Rate -- $80.00 per hour;
  • Job Description -- "Public Outreach Liaison"; and
  • Program Labor Category -- "Expert Engineer, Scientist, and Senior Project Manager"

The Miami Herald investigated and exposed that -- 
  • Water & Sewer customers paid for 3 employees (2 employees appear to be CH2M Hill employes);
  • Water Sewer Customer paid Rafael Garcia-Toledo $200 per hour -- NOT the $80 per hour as stated in the letter; and
  • Rafael Garcia-Toledo is neither a "Expert Engineer", or "Scientist", or "Senior Project Manager".
We are researching what IS a "Public Outreach Liaison", qualifications and a commercially reasonable pay rate.

The Miami Herald also investigated and exposed that -- 

"Through April, G­T Construction has billed $672,000 for work that began in late 2014. Roughly $430,000 of that was billed as overhead — the added cost Miami­-Dade lets contractors tack onto bills for employees’ work to cover both operating expenses and profit".  

This is outrages and should be criminal!!

Read the complete Miami Herald story "Rafael A. Garcia-Toledo the County Mayor Carlos Gimenez campaign aid, making money from Miami-Dade Water & Sewer"

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