Res Ipsa: Public Documents contradict Carlos J. Gimenez said to Miami Herald's Doug Hanks in "County Mayor’s son urges school board candidates to drop out"

Res Ipsa: Public Documents contradict Carlos J. Gimenez statements to Miami Herald reporter Doug Hanks in "County Mayor’s son urges school board candidates to drop out" Article


JULY 6, 2016 7:30 PM
Carlos J. Gimenez and Luis Mata called three of Mari Tere Rojas’ four opponents
They asked them to drop out of the District 6 school board race
All three declined the request, although one left the race of his own accord (documents put this into question ...)
"Carlos J. Gimenez, the son of Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez, and one of his co-workers spent the past two weeks trying to persuade three candidates to leave a school board race and endorse opponent Maria Teresa “Mari Tere” Rojas — who happens to be his aunt and the mayor’s sister-in-law."
Here is what Tapia and Gimenez said to the Miami Herald:
"Tapia, a social sciences professor at Miami Dade College, briefly qualified then dropped out a few days later. Tapia said he received a call from C.J. Gimenez a day after he filed his papers to run on June 17.

“He said, ‘I want to meet with you,’ ” Tapia recalled. “I said: ‘C.J., I don’t want to meet with you. I am running to win.’ ” Tapia said. Gimenez replied that he respected his position.

The two did end up meeting, once Tapia said he had begun the process to drop out of the race. When they met at a Coral Gables restaurant on June 30, Tapia had already stopped payment on his qualifying fee after reconsidering his bid. He said Abety’s filing made him decide to drop out.

“C.J. was very happy I was off the ballot,” Tapia said. “They saw me as the other contender to beat.”

Investigators who are already looking into other elections payoff case -- need only look closely to the Tapia Campaign sworn affidavits & documents in the Elections Department files. 

Candidate qualifying forms and documents:

Tapia under oath will spill the beans for sure ... he looked like a upstanding person interested in running -- loaning the campaign $2,000.00 and qualifying with the appropriate check made out for his campaign account dully opened at Biscayne Bank.  

Vivian Suarez at Elections Department can confirm all.

Tapia changed his mind and stopped payment on the check for some reason -- the public deserves to get to the bottom of this story.  

Also, why didn't County Finance try to collect on the check?  The investigation may reveal all.

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