Natalie McCudden: Residents paying Gimenez' aid/driver $672,000 inc. other Company's (CH2M Hill) employees

Miami Papers has uncovered MORE documentation revealing how Carlos A. Gimenez aid/driver has been getting paid over $672,000 by us residents thru Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department --  -- as our water rates skyrocket (more on rates shortly).

See below Natalie McCudden: Miami Papers (3 of 5):

Documents show how Rafael A. Garcia-Toledo, County Mayor Carlos Gimenez' campaign aid/driver:

1.         Bills for employees of CH2M Hill -- Alexis Facey Natalie McCudden (see below);
1.         Plus making $200 per hour for attending meetings at Miami-Dade Department of Water & Sewer; and
1.         On top, got Paid $430,000 for Expense + Profits ("Overhead") --"Through April, G­T Construction has billed $672,000 for work that began in late 2014. Roughly $430,000 of that was billed as overhead — the added cost Miami­Dade lets contractors tack onto bills for employees’ work to cover both operating expenses and profit".  Miami Herald July 9, 2016

Read the complete investigative expose by Doug Hanks of Miami Herald: "Rafael A. Garcia-Toledo the County Mayor Carlos Gimenez campaign aid, making money from Miami-Dade Water & Sewer"

·                  The mayor’s idea of ‘a level playing field’ is peculiar
·                  Veteran county contractor is Gimenez’s campaign finance chairman

·                  Ralph Garcia-Toledo bills $200 an hour as subcontractor on county contract

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